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Friday, August 17, 2007

Multiple births, multiple happiness

Ever since my eldest son announced he was expecting identical twins, I've been fascinated with doublets, triplets, quadruplets etc. Here's a story about a very rare happening: identical quads. I imagine these parent won't be sleeping for the next couple of years!
Early this morning my son called me to say they had had a "close call." Leo had rushed Shannon to the hospital with contractions in the middle of the night. Nurses announced she was dilating, but since she's not at 35 weeks -- the minimum her ob/gyn wants her to go -- the nurses gave her a shot. All is well so far, but as my son was driving to work, he told me was exhausted and sleepy.
The true sign of parenthood.


Anonymous Peter said...

I guess its nice to have twins, and in your words clearly shows parenthood.Your son caring about his, probably identical twins, and you are caring about your son. I'm shocked to know that, The Canadian given birth two months before, but thank god all the girl child doing good...

7:05 AM  

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