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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hurricane plan? What hurricane plan?

Everybody is keeping an eye on Mean Dean as it swirls and strengthens in the east Atlantic. Most of us who went through Hurricane Andrew and the sisters that followed a couple of years back have a generator, bottled water, canned foods and assorted essentials -- in other words, a hurricane plan.
But some people think all the attention we pay to these storms is really a game of Chicken Little. At the gym this morning, one woman watching the weather report opined that the TV stations are in cahoots with Publix and Home Depot to rile up the masses. Fear prompts sales.
I guess some people see a conspiracy in anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't hurt to stock up on necessities (water, gasoline, batteries, etc) at the beginning of every hurricane season so that you can avoid the last minute running around and all those lines.

Every family that lives in South Florida should have (at least) an idea of how they will manage should a hurricane be heading in our direction. Shutters UP!

12:03 PM  

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